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What is our "Thank You" Email Campaign?

The modern way to say "thank you", worldwide.

Providing a solution to our customers in the form of driving new clients to their doors on a daily basis! Additionally, we support our customer's efforts in helping them retain the existing clients they already have by bringing the old-fashioned "Thank You" that people love, into your business.

At ThankYou-Online, we know the importance of following up with existing clients on a timely basis and we also know that every business needs to have new customers to continue to grow. We have taken these basic customer service concepts and combined them with the Power of the Internet to produce outstanding results for our clients.

ThankYou-Online provides what is called "viral marketing" to your clients and prospects.

According to a report released by the marketing agency Sharpe Partners 89% of US adult Internet users share content with friends, family and associates by e-mail, and they do so often.


Frequency of sharing content
- 63% share content at least once a week
- 25% share daily or almost daily.

Number of people with whom they share
- 75% shares with more than one person.

- 88% jokes and cartoons
- 56% news
- 24% business and personal finance

Branded content
For companies looking to employ a viral marketing program:
- Over 40% said they are more or slightly more likely to send marketing-related messages
- Only 5% refuse to share content that contains a clear brand message.

At the end of the day, this translates into more sales and clients for your business.

How does it work?

Just imagine being able to send out a customized, online "Thank You" to your existing customers and prospects just as they leave your business. When they arrive at their home or office, they already have a creatively, custom-designed "thank you" from you in their email inbox.  We also produce eye-catching email newsletters that are sent on a regular basis to showcase your brand.  We have a small staff of writers at have written for many business publications including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and other creative publications.  We showcase your company in creative ways.

Example:  Acura Motors Desktop    Example:  J.Mauer Jewelers  Mobile
Example:  Crown Lexus  Desktop   Example:   Life Coacing   Mobile

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