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"After only taking the first series of classes my life has taken on a new meaning. If you want to be moved, amazed, speechless, empowered, self awakened..."
-Sharlene Ashton

"I was pleasantly surprised and literally amazed by the effects of shifting my energy..."
Bruce McLean

"I was able to make more significant shifts in my personal and professional life then in 24 years of formal education..."
Mark Welch, PhD
Adjunct Professor

"It's one thing to transform yourself from the outside in, it's a whole different experience transforming yourself from the inside out. So how does one go about doing this?"
Garrett White

If you are a CEO, sales executive, life coach, alternative health practitioner, business owner, media personality or anyone interested in exploring your potential and taking your talents to the next level...

You are invited to experience the transformative series of workshops that are now being taught in corporate America and to individuals who share a set of beliefs concerning the effects of personal power, healing, eliminating limiting beliefs, and creating what you want for your highest good.

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Elena Radford

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On the Southwest corner of Main St and 300 S (Broadway). Parking is located on the East side of the building. We provide parking validations.

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