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Let us show you how to reach a new generation of Internet radio listenters with innovative commercial content and Internet media delivery.

With our complete Post-Production Facility we provide all the tools required to produce a professional radio program.

We also market your program online so that you can develop global prospects and customers for your product or service, providing you with competitive placement and optimization with major search engines as part of the service.

Examples of studio quality online radio programming.

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Health Talk Radio
The Danielle Lin Show

The Danielle Lin Show

The Danielle Lin Show

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Akasha Spa and Salon, Salt Lake City, Utah
Professionally Produced Commercials

The Godfrey Bey Show
The Godfrey Bey Show

Elena Radford, Standing in Your Power
Elena Radford, host
" The Standing in Your Power Program"

Standing In Your Power

Technology Billionaires Radio

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We will create, produce and deliver your project in file formats accessible for downloading to portable media players, podcast feeds, and other syndicated feeds, like RSS or Atom.

Edison Media Research has released several studies over the last two months that demonstrate the growing use and therefore the potential for widespread outreach of Internet radio and podcasts. This is an excellent way to get the word out to the world about new products.

Internet radio continues to show the most significant growth

According to Edison's 2008 edition of the annual Infinite Dial: Radio's Digital Platforms, 33 million people aged 12 and above listen to Internet radio each week. This means that approximately 13 percent of Americans listen to Internet radio each week, and 21 percent (or 54 million) listen each month. This represents a 2 percent growth in total listenership from 2007. Weekly listening has also climbed with 19% of the sample listening to some form of Internet radio in the previous 7 days up to 57 million per week. of monthly users of those media we cover in this analysis. At the conclusion of 2006, we estimate that 24% of the U.S. population or 72 million Americans listened to on-line radio in the previous 30 days. In this newest update of the report 25% have listened in the previous 30 days.

The demographics are pretty evenly divided between men and women 52 percent of listeners are male, while 48 percent are female but there is currently a decided majority in listeners aged 25-44 (45 percent of all listeners).

Here is what Webstorm Internet Media will provide:

  • Setup and population on multiple online radio networks
  • Recording of Studio-Quality Show Intro and Exit
  • Online promotion of your radio show via blog, video log and email marketing list
  • Radio Show Landing Page to capture information on interested listeners
  • On-site coaching during recording of your Radio program
  • Show conversion to Studio-Quality
  • Delivery of MP3 file on CD

Syndicated Talk Radio

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Webstorm Internet Media has been providing internet marketing services to our clients since 2002. Various types of internet media are used to attract listeners such as opt-in email lists, podcasting over a wide range of sites, partnering with other radio networks and terrestrial radio pioneers, blogging and keyword research

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