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The Online Commercial

With the development of the internet as a multi-media advertising and marketing source, we have developed a means for companies to advertise their products and services with an online commercial that plays 24 hours a day.

The increase in television content delivery online - including web rebroadcast of commercial television programs, Webisodes and Internet-only series productions – is creating new possibilities for commercial formating & delivery.

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For example, thirty-second interactive spots allowing viewers to click on a commercial, or participate in the ad itself, have been introduced in the middle of streaming rebroadcasts of prime-time programs on ABC.com and NBC.com. Many new media venues and methods are taking shape that offer the opportunity to connect directly with your commercial audience.





Communicate Directly with your Audience...

Let us show you how to reach a new generation of Internet television viewers with innovative commercial content and Internet media delivery.

With our complete Post-Production Facility we provide a producer, director and camera crew to develop your custom, infomercial in high definition broadcast quality. Our professional personnel can also provide footage that can be used in a television program.

We also market your video online so that you can develop global prospects and customers for your product or service, providing your video with competitive placement and optimization with major search engines.

Video Podcasting
is an increasingly popular medium for delivering content to end-users and onsumers. We will help you communicate directly with your audience, one on one. We will create, produce and deliver your project in file formats accessible for downloading to portable media players, podcast feeds, and other syndicated feeds, like RSS or Atom.

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